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With the threat of terrorism on the rise, and an ever-growing awareness in regard to Homeland Security, we at Maury Enterprises are proud to announce that we now carry a complete line of decontamination equipment, and emergency response shower systems.

Maury shower systems can be deployed in as little as two minutes, and are available in sizes ranging from single person, completely enclosed for privacy, to room sized. (Perfect for non-ambulatory patients or triage).

Water delivery systems can be configured for shower use (heated water for comfort) up to high volume higher-pressure hot water for decontamination of anything from aircraft, to large response vehicles.

All Maury decontamination showers feature an exclusive water capture system so contaminated water can be safely disposed of either into 55 gallon drums, or large holding tanks (available on trailer mounted units)

We at Maury Enterprises are happy to design systems around your particular needs. Contact our engineering department today! 1-800-937-8677.

Whether you choose from our line of decontamination equipment or we design a system to meet your needs, receive the same low price

Model PSI GPM   HP Temp Pump
H203550BE 3500 5.0 Diesel Fired 20 Hot/Cold Belt Drive $ 4,127
  • 15% restocking fee for all cancelled orders.



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