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Gas-Powered Airless Sprayers - page 1

The Quality Difference.

   Graco's quality difference for over 70 years has been to exceed the industry standard in design and manufacturing of every component. Our 49+ person engineering staff is progressively designing technologically superior products on sophisticated Computer Aided Design equipment and performing extensive field tests.

   Once field tests are complete; each component then goes through rigorous testing to ensure each and every sprayer performs to its maximum life and performance.

The Features Make the Difference.

   Graco's GM sprayers are the most rugged, easy to operate, top performing gas powered sprayers available. They also offer a wide variety of user friendly features. That's why GM's are the top choice among painting contractors.

Exclusive Pump Lower Design

Upper ring packing wipes clean the inside of the pump section, extending pump life up to 50%

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene and impregnated leather packings with ten sealing surfaces offer unmatched packing life

Adjustable packing nut extends pump packing life by allowing periodic tightening of the packing

Fluid passages are designed to maximize fluid flow and sprayer performance while minimizing wear and pressure loss

Rotating ball checks keep inlet and outlet checks clean of debris to reduce downtime and prevent pump losing prime when operating. They maximize component life by eliminating wear on only one surface which is common with flat check or spring loaded check designs.

Sleeved pump section reduces replacement parts cost

* - Available on GM3500 and larger.

1. Engine Throttle Setting Indicator
  • Exclusive feature allows you to select the appropriate RPM to assure the best spraying performance while minimizing engine wear.
2. Lift Handles
  • Provides convenience for lifting by hand or to hoist sprayer.
3. Slide Rail Cart Design
  • Allows for easy one-man loading or unloading.
4. Siphon Holder
  • Lo-Boy models feature a siphon tube holder for secure, convenient storage and transport.
5. Heavy-Duty "Gussetted" Frame
  • For rugged use on any job site
6. Pail Hooks
  • Hi-boys feature a handle mounted pail hook plus a front pail hook for transport of one or two 5-gallon containers.
  • Lo-Boys feature a handle mounted pail hook for transport of one 5-gallon container.
7. Larger Capacity Hose Racks and Hose Strap
  • Holds up to 300ft. (91.4 m) and conveniently secures hose.



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