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Electric Airless Sprayers - page 1


Greater Reliability

   All ST sprayers come with Graco's exclusive wiper ring packing design. It provides a clean surface for sealing packings and helps extend packing life up to 50%.

   Plus, all pump section components are made from a combination of hard chrome and stainless steel, providing extended life as well as abrasion and corrosion protection.

Increased Convenience

   The popular stand mount design now comes with three new features:

Longest Life DC Motor

   Industrial grade, permanent magnet, totally enclosed, fan cooled (T.E.F.C.), DC Motor designed to Graco's specifications

   Operates on 45% slower RPMs than competitive models

   Offers longest life and reliability under tough job site conditions

   Rated motor life up to 7 times longer than competitive models

   Adapts to high voltage fluctuations without producing extra heat which can trip circuits or damage other types of motors

   Works on demand - shuts off when you stop spraying, saving wear on motor, pump and other sprayer components


1. Handle Design
  • For greater comfort when carrying, the offset handle now tilts your ST Sprayer slightly, moving it away from your body. This offers better balance, making the sprayers easier to carry.
2. Siphon Tube Clip
  • The siphon tube easily snaps into place for secure, convenient storage or transport.
3. Cord Wrap
  • This convenient design allows quick and easy wrap up of electric cord when the sprayer is not in use.




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