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Operating Instructions

Before operating your new cleaning machine :

  1. Check for shipping damage and contact carrier if necessary.
  2. Assemble the following:
    • Connect output hose to the machine with quick coupler. Be sure coupler locks in place.
    • Connect Gun-Jet and wand extension (if desired) with quick couplers. Be sure quick couplers lock properly.
  1. Before Starting Engine:
    • Check oil level in engine. (Use a good quality engine oil, 10W40 or 10W30 weight).
    • Fill gas tank with unleaded gas only.
    • Check oil level of pump and gear box through sight glass. Fill to red dot only. Do not overfill.
    • Connect water hose to machine.
    • Turn water supply on.
    • Squeeze gun trigger to be sure you have water in pump.
  1. Start Engine:
    • Start engine according to operation manual.


  1. Attach the injector to the pump outlet with quick coupler.
  2. Connect output hose to opposite end of injector.
  3. Start machine as specified in the operating instructions.
  4. Insert solution hose into desired liquid chemical.
  5. Use the large orifice nozzle supplied with the injector. Pull Gun-Jet trigger open fully. Chemical solution will be applied at approximately 125 PSI.
  6. To discontinue use of chemical, release Gun-Jet trigger and exchange the large orifice brass nozzle with any of the other nozzles furnished with the machine. Remove the injector from the machine during prolonged periods of high pressure use.




NEVER disconnect hoses or Gun-Jet without first releasing all pressure in system - with machine and water off, pull trigger. Failure to release pressure could be dangerous and will cause o-ring seal in quick coupler to blow out.

DO NOT operate machine over 5 minutes with Gun-Jet closed. This will cause heat build up in pump and could cause damage to pump packing and seals.

TO PREVENT POSSIBLE INJURY never operate a Pressure Washer from a step ladder or any other device that will put you above ground level without a harness or some device to prevent you from falling.

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