What kind of airless paint sprayer should I use?

   Your answer involves a list of things to determine before you go and choose a type or model.

   First, you need to decide how you want your sprayer powered. Will you always have easy access to electricity or will some of the jobs be in pre-construction (i.e., no electricity). Another consideration will be if your sprayer will be indoors or outdoors most of the time. This will allow you to decide if a gasoline or electric (AC or DC) machine will be the right one for you.

   Your second consideration is what material and how much of it you will be spraying. Consider this question not only in terms of the immediate future but maybe two or three years down the road. An industrial paint sprayer is not just a tool, but an investment. The type(s) of material you spray makes a big difference. Each material needs its own tip size and sprayers have a range of tip sizes that they can accommodate. (Refer to our Tip Recommendation Chart.) The amount of material you will be spraying helps you to decide how durable of a unit you should get, as well as its size. The more material you spray per week, the heavier duty of a machine you should buy.

   Next, you should consider how you will plan to use your sprayer. Some sprayers will allow you to use two or more guns per sprayer. You need to consider, as well, how many feet of hose do you plan on running from the sprayer to the gun(s). Each model of sprayer has its own bells and whistles that make it different in certain ways from another sprayer. When you choose, have a good idea as to the specific features you need and those you want.

   Your last consideration is how much you want to spend on a sprayer. They can range from under $1000 to over $20,000. Always consider that a machine can be leased. Full cash outlay is not always a requirement. Consider how much money the unit will make you in revenue or save you in operating costs, or both. Plan for the future. As your business grows so will the demands placed on your spray equipment. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Spending the extra money now will provide you with an excellent tool that will grow with your business as well as help your business grow.



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