Why is Maury's Jet Wash 1800 better than other surface cleaners?

   Maury's Jet Wash 1800 has several features that make it the most effective and easiest to use high speed surface cleaner on the market. The first thing you will notice is that our unit does not have wheels. Due to better engineering, lighter materials, and customized tips to match your current pressure cleaner, the Jet Wash hovers a fraction of an inch above the surface you are cleaning. This means more maneuverability, less chance to damage the Jet Wash, and less strain on you.

   Our second major difference is our heavy duty hubs. We designed our own exclusive hub to be able to withstand 4000 PSI working pressures. Flow rate is not a factor with reported uses of 12+ GPM using hot water. The inner swivel uses a grease fitting to insure proper lubrication after every job. Many of the sealed, pre-greased, swivels on the market are improperly or insufficiently greased to withstand the rigors of contract cleaning.

   A detachable linear gun design allows for spot cleaning of edges and corners as you do your job. Simply detach the gun portion of the handle and hose from the Jet Wash to use your regular wand for hard to reach places and lips of roofing tiles. Competitors' models have permanent guns that require turning your whole machine on and off to switch to a regular wand.

   Other advances include a light weight one-piece aluminum handle, heavy duty fiberglass cover, adjustable tips, and durable brush. This is the machine to use if you pressure clean.



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