What can I use a Jet Wash 1800 for?

   The Jet Wash 1800 can be used on all kinds of surfaces and jobs. The main focus of the Jet Wash is on flat surfaces. You can use it effectively on driveways, sidewalks, patios, tennis courts, any flat surface with outstanding results that eliminate zebra striping forever. The Jet Wash 1800 can also be used on roofs of all types. Flat cement tile, barrel tile, S tile, and even asphalt shingles are no match for this cleaner. The hovering action provides the safety barrier to allow it to go over the lips and barrels without damaging the tiles. Asphalt shingles are protected by the constant motion and decreased flow rate per tip.

   The Jet Wash 1800 can also be used to help strip paint from surfaces. By changing the tips to 15 or 0 degree fans, paint is more effectively removed but does cause some striping.



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