Should I use an Airless or an HVLP sprayer?

   The choice between Airless and HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) units is based on the job it is to be used for. An airless sprayer pushes a constant volume of material at a set pressure. This pressure is caused by a diaphragm or a piston mechanism. The paint is atomized and carries itself to the surface due to the velocities coming out of the tip. In contrast, some HVLP units spray with adjustable volume and pressure. The paint is pushed using pressurized air. Consequently, the paint comes out atomized on a stream of air.

   An airless sprayer is good for applying a lot of paint in a short amount of time. The paint comes out in a fan shape that is moved back and forth to cause a band pattern. More surface area can be covered in a shorter amount of time than conventional painting methods. Airless paint sprayers are good for most painting jobs out there. If you want fine finish work though, you need an HVLP sprayer. The HVLP applies smaller amounts of paint over a wider area for a nicer finish. HVLP's are excellent for furniture, cabinets, shutters, car body work, etc. If you are ever unsure as to which machine you should be using, ask someone who has done the job before. If its out there, someone has painted it before.



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