What can I do if my sprayer won't prime or takes too long to prime?

   Air might be in the paint pump, preventing the pump from taking a prime. To solve this, simply open the prime valve to purge the air from the pump. Close the prime valve and wait for pressure.

   Your inlet strainer may be clogged preventing flow of paint to the pump. Take the inlet strainer off the suction tube and clean it thoroughly. Replace the strainer and prime the pump. Do not just simply take the strainer off and leave it off. It is there to prevent debris from entering the pump and damaging seals or packings.

   The siphon tube may be loose from its fittings allowing air to enter the flow of paint and slowing or preventing the prime. Tighten the fittings and prime.

   Another common cause of not being able to prime the pump is a stuck lower ball. If the unit was not cleaned thoroughly the last time it was used or pump saver was not left in the pump, then the lower ball may be stuck to the lower seat. Take a wrench or blunt object and tap on the lower section of the piston. This should hopefully jar the ball loose so that you can continue your job. If this doesn't work, then you will have to have the sprayer serviced to properly clean the ball and seat.



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