What can I do if my sprayer doesn't have enough pressure at the gun?

   The most common problem with pressure is something involving the filters. First thing to do is check to make sure the filters in your machine are matched to the material you are spraying. Some materials require that no filters other than the intake filter be on the machine (e.g., block fillers, elastomerics, etc.). Check a material/filter chart to be sure your machine is set up correctly with the right mesh filters.

   If the correct filters are on the machine, they may be clogged. Clean the filters, replace, and spray.

   Your tip may also be worn out. Check the spray pattern twelve inches from a piece of test material. If the spray is too wide or the height is shorter than the spec. Then you need to replace the tip. A worn tip can cause more material usage and longer time to spray the same surface area. A worn tip can cost you big money if not replaced regularly.

   If all this doesn't help, your hose may be too long or the wrong diameter. Check your manual for specifications.



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