What kind of maintenance schedule should I keep for my airless sprayer?

   Everyday, you should check several things before you paint. Clean or replace your manifold, gun, and inlet filters as necessary. Check the TSL (Throat Seal Liquid) level and add as needed. Inspect your gun(s) for proper trigger action and working safeties. Check your tip for wear and obstructions. A worn tip uses more paint and takes you longer to paint, costing you money. If you have an electric machine, make sure your plug has a ground lug.

   Every week you should inspect your hoses for kinks, blisters, or any wear. Tighten siphon hose connections and check for kinks, wear, and material buildup.

   Annually, you should bring your sprayer to an authorized service center for a complete tune up.

   If all this doesn't help, your hose may be too long or the wrong diameter. Check your manual for specifications.



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