Do I need a hot water unit for my job?

   Hot water is very helpful in removing very stubborn stains. Some substances, such as oil or animal waste, can only truly come clean with hot water. The decision to use hot water to pressure clean is an important one. If you already have a pressure cleaner, there are add on "hot boxes" that you can purchase to heat the water that your current unit sprays. They can be portable or permanently mounted to a frame. The cost is about the same as buying another cold water pressure sprayer. You can purchase a complete unit that has the pressure cleaner and burner on the same frame. This gives you the option of using hot or cold water for whatever you need. Unfortunately, that makes the unit much larger and heavier than a regular pressure cleaner. There is a slight cost savings over purchasing the units separately though. Regardless of which unit you may purchase, your cleaning power will almost double over that of a cold water unit. Your initial capital investment may be larger, but you will see it returned in the field or on the job.



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