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HVLP - Pro Finish Series - page 1

Superior Atomization

   The New Pro-Finish Professional Spray Gun has been designed to provide superior atomization and control of today's finishing coatings. It has many design advantages such as:

  • Extra-large air passages for maximum performance
  • Large, user friendly controls
  • Indexing Air Cap with turbulence chamber
  • Well balanced design reduces hand fatigue, increases production
  • Ultra-light trigger pull

   Exclusive location of air supply to paint cup provides greater volume and pressure of atomizing air at the air cap where it is most critical.

This unique feature provides superior atomization of a wide range of today's finishing coatings

Exclusive flex tube feature keeps the siphon tube in the coating at all times. Now you can spray laterally without starving fluid to the nozzle. The flexible siphon hose is compatible with all solvents and has a built-in filter for a quality finish.



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