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PowrTwin Airless - page 1

A PowrTwin May Be All the Pumps You'll Ever Need!

   Changes from electric to gasoline or vice versa in 15 seconds - without tools. Never miss a job because you don't have the right power. Use the gasoline engine on exteriors or switch to electric for inside jobs. Even when electrical power fails, or one power source is in for maintenance, your PowrTwin keeps your crew on the job making you money

New lightweight design

   This new design is easy to maneuver plus one man can quickly load and unload the machine from a truck or van. It fits easily under pickup tops and has a small footprint.

1.0 GPM with Gasoline or 115V DC Electric 3.8 LPM with 220V Electric

Supports (1) .031 tip or (2) .021 tips with latex @ 2000 psi

Use electric cords up to 300 feet long.
15 amp 115V
8 amp 220V

PowrTwin 3500  

   3.7 HP Kawasaki OHV gasoline engine with low oil shutdown to prevent damage due to low oil level. Cast iron cylinder sleeve lengthens engine life. Automatic compression relief for fast, easy starts.    1.5 HP totally enclosed fan-cooled extended life direct current electric motor. Non-sparking, induction type with internal circuit breaker. 115V 15 amp operation. 10,000 hour life. Two year warranty. 115V and 220V models available.



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