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The following are some of the most common problems suffered by all pressure cleaners.

If your particular problem is not covered here - hop on over to the FAQ page and fill out the questions form with your problem.

1. Engine Wont Start
  • Engine low on fuel
  • Engine Low on oil
  • Worn or dirty spark plugs
  • Fuel supply valve turned off
  • Not properly choked for cold starting
  • Over choked and flooded
  • Switch in off position
2. Recoil Starter Hard to Pull
  • Pressure built up in system, relieve by squeezing gun trigger
  • Low oil crankcase / pump assembly
  • Hydro Locked - oil or fuel in cylinders
3. Excessive Vibration or Pulsations
  • Air in water supply (air leak)
  • Insufficient water supply
  • Clogged inlet water filter
  • Clogged or damaged spray nozzle causing relief valve chatter
  • Dirt in pump valves
4. Fluctuating Pulsation
  • Air in water supply (air leak)
  • Incorrect fuel, dirty or worn spark plug
  • Choke on after engine warmed up
  • Excessive pump pressure causing engine overloading
  • Worn or burned engine valves
  • Dirt in pump valves
5. Low Pressure
  • Air in water supply (air leak)
  • Worn or incorrect spray nozzle
  • Engine RPM too low
  • Insufficient water supply
  • Insufficient engine power
  • Spray nozzle not completely turned to high pressure
  • Unloader improperly set
  • Leak in hose or plumbing
  • Worn pump valves or broken valve spring
  • Dirt in pump valves

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